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Analytical Procedure 
     Samples are analyzed directly in powder form. This direct form of analysis minimizes sampling error because of the large sample size; optimizes analytical reproducibility because samples are not weighed and mixed with any other material; and keeps detection limits low because the samples are not diluted.    
     Matrix effects are handled efficiently by a fundamental parameters-based data reduction method developed by Kurt Johansson and colleagues in Sweden.
    The standard XRF analytical procedure includes the quantitative analysis of 31 elements (see periodic table). Additional elements are routinely analyzed. Special arrangements may be made to analyze other elements (Z>10).
Quality Control
     One replicate sample is analyzed for every twenty samples. A minimum of
one replicate is analyzed for each group of samples submitted. At least one certified reference material is analyzed
as an “unknown” with each group of samples submitted.

Analytical Report
     The analytical report includes a cover letter describing the analytical procedure and a table of analytical results. The quality control results are included in the table. All reports are mailed. Reports can be emailed at no extra charge.
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